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  • “When I was a little kid, I would creep downstairs to the piano and write rudimentary songs about imaginary places. I’m told the first song I ever wrote was a love song to a cranberry tree. I always used the mute pedal. I hated the idea of anybody hearing me.”

    "We have nobody to blame but ourselves. We’ve decided that we’re just not interested in mythology anymore. We’d rather see someone doing cocaine in the bathroom than have them in our minds as a visionary and an impossible to destroy hero. — I think we’re ripping ourselves off because all we want to see is how people aren’t their dreams. Someone dreams something and imagines something, and then we’re just more interested in the behind the scenes than in the dream." - Emily Haines, NPR live concert, 2006.

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    “ That’s the essence of the dilemma… of any sort of political dilemma: If you’re thoughtful enough to do something, you’re thoughtful enough to know what the ramifications are and you are fucking paralyzed, you know? It’s the same thing with words, it’s like, if you care enough about language, words and speech, to like get into it, you’ll ultimately realize that your words are worth nothing. And you’ll get really bummed out. ”

    —    Emily Haines (Tweed Magazine)

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    I’ve kind of outright lied over the years when people said, “Isn’t it hard to do this as a girl?” and I’ve said, “No, I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.” But I think that was the right thing to do because I wanted to play in the main event, you know? I don’t want to play in the little pink tent over on the side where the microphones are made of rabbit fur. I want to play rock and roll. My heroes are Iggy Pop and Lou Reed – I don’t want no part of confessional, soft, harmless song-writing that people expect from young women. I think the audience, male and female, is a nice mix of scrappy, independent-thinking people. They connect with the fact I don’t want to be in a box and neither do they. For me, the less it’s about gender the better, and that approach has paid off so far. // Emily Haines

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